Welcome to the world of IDE.X.AI, the cutting-edge Integrated Development Environment powered by xAI, the company founded by Elon Musk.

IDE.X.AI is more than just an IDE; it’s a comprehensive development environment that brings together the best of AI technology and software development. By using IDE.X.AI, you’ll be joining a growing community of developers who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of software development.

TOKENOMICS:   The $IDE meme coin tokenomics feature a total supply of 1 Billion tokens. There is no tax on buys or sells as this ensured a fair sale at the launch of $IDE ownership of this Contract has been renounced, and liquidity is burnt.




Ide.x.ai is Elon Musk's and the X Corp.'s unannounced yet verifiable website, integrating the web with AI technology (Grok) to challenge the 'woke' Google. Ide.x.ai shares the same IP address as grok.x.ai and as Web.x.ai.

The new ERC-20 meme token, $IDE, emerged when it was discovered that Ide.x.ai shares the same IP address as web.x.ai and Grok.x.ai.